Helping companies hire robots

Decentralized platform for companies to manage fleets of mobile robots, organize secure p2p communication, and monetize robots-as-a-service.

Autonomous operation

Our clients can connect off-the-shelf or custom mobile robots to our platform, launch autonomous missions and manage fleets at scale.

Flexible infrastructure

Connect mobile robots, sensor networks, and IoT devices to our platform so that they can communicate unlimitedly using p2p communication protocols.

Blockchain-backed security

Use smart contracts to manage mobile robots minimizing cybersecurity risks and hash-protected distributed storage to guarantee data consistency.


Identity management

A fleet operator can connect a drone or autonomous vehicle to Ethereum network providing it with international cryptographic identity and a wallet.

Market Instruments

Autonomous vehicles can use smart contract-powered infrastructure to sell its services on an open market and purchase necessary data and services to organize an autonomous supply chain.

Traffic Control

Decentralized architecture provides strong cybersecurity with no single point of failure. Autonomous vehicles can coordinate actions locally using p2p communication allowing to scale operations without limit.

Fleet management

We support major software frameworks like Robot OS with the community of over 25,000 robotics developers and hardware like DJI - an unrivaled leader among aerial drone manufacturers.

UI and Simulations

We deliver a map-focused UI for fleet management and messenger bot that allows enabling robot-as-a-service business model. Additionally, our clients can test autonomous vehicles’ operations in an advanced computer simulation.


Drone Photographer


Drone footage is unique, beautiful and unusual. Your clients love it!

On average clients are willing to pay $10 for 2-minute drone selfie. A DJI Phantom 4 drone now costs $1000 which means that you can get your money back for just 1 month of operation!


Buy a drone

We support 15 drone manufacturers and constantly work to add more!

Prepare the area

Use mapping tools and limit the area for drones to ensure the safety of your clients!

Hire a drone

Install our software to allow clients using rented drones in designated areas!

Grow profit

Expand your drone base even further by connecting more drones!

Drone Patrol


Drone Patrol is an enterprise-grade solution for area monitoring including security control, search and rescue, accident spotting and situational awareness.

We specialize in developing robust, secure and scalable software for drone fleet automation and our clients have an opportunity to choose off-the-shelf hardware suitable for specific needs.


Set up an autonomous drone base by instlling Drone Patrol software.

Specify which external owned accounts are authorized to launch missions on the drone base.

* Authorized accounts can create a flight plan using our map UI or * Mission can be launched automatically on specific time or triggered by a sensor.

Transaction in Ethereum is sent to create a mission smart contract.

The drone takes off to deliver an autonomous mission according to the contract. It can detect smoke, fire, perimeter intruders, lost people or objects.

GPS location and supporting data is sent to authorized users automatically via email, messanger or API call.

Drone Inspector


Drone Inspector is an automated, scalable and secure way to gather data with the help of an aerial drone. Our software solution allows you to connect your drone and launch an autonomous inspection mission remotely. The drone will automatically collect data from a hi-def camera or infrared, gas or particle matter sensors. We work with a wide range of sensors giving you an opportunity to collect data in a flexible way. We make sure that the data is signed with the drone's key when it is collected, eliminating the risk of data manipulation.


Set up an autonomous drone base

Set up an autonomous drone base by installing Drone Inspector software.


Specify which external owned accounts are authorized to launch missions on the drone base.


Authorized accounts can now choose GPS reference points on our map UI to create a flight plan.

Send a transaction

Send a transaction in Ethereum using map UI to create a mission smart contract with the recorded flight plan.

Start mission

The drone takes off to deliver an autonomous mission according to the contract and collect the necessary data.

Collect data

The drone publishes collected data to the distributed cloud (IPFS) in a public or encrypted way.

Delivery Drone


Mobile robots such as aerial and ground drones are uniquely positioned for delivery use cases in hard-to-reach areas and are efficient for last mile delivery of light and important goods such as medical products. Our software allows managing a fleet of autonomous mobile robots and keeping track of their actions and carried products.

The use of smart contracts guarantees the safety of operations at scale and allows to track liability for the transported goods.


Logistics company sets up Delivery Drone software to manage its drone fleet

The client uses an e-commerce or logistics company app to order a parcel

The flight plan is calculated automatically and recorded in hash-protected media storage

The smart contract for the service is created where details about the mission and parcel are stored

The drone takes off to deliver the parcel to the nearest landing station

The package is processed and ready for the customer to pick it up

Urban Air Mobility


Urban population grows exponentially and over half of the world’s population already live in cities. This creates a significant pressure on ground transport infrastructure in cities and people have to waste a lot of time in traffic. But companies have found a solution - electric aerial vehicles that can carry people! is ready to enable Urban Air Mobility use cases at scale allowing manufacturers and operators of flying cars to manage a fleet efficiently and enable vehicle-as-a-service business model.


Fleet management


Communication and coordination protocol

UAS Traffic Management (UTM)

White Paper

We see the lack of universal, integrated Air Traffic Management system as a major bottleneck on the way to unlocking the full potential of unmanned aerial systems (UASs).

We propose Distributed Sky UTM concept that uses blockchain technology to keep track of UAS traffic and identity information and other distributed technologies to enable secure p2p communication between humans and autonomous systems.


Drone registration

Market mechanism for route approval

Distributed data service



Tactical deconfliction

Aleksander Kapitonov
Recognized robotics scientist with over 20 publications in scientific journals who works with robot operating systems.
Vitaly Bulatov
Master in Marketing with management consulting experience. Prepared financial models which were used to raise 220M USD funding in total by client companies.
Sergey Lonshakov
Visionary founder, early supporter of Ethereum blockchain. Blockchain architect with 7 years of experience in the field.
Andrey Morozov
Board member
Simulation and Training expert with nearly 15 years experience in the high tech industry. Andrei has strong computer science and management background as well as subject knowledge in various fields including Air Traffic Management.
Ivan Berman
Consulting Analyst
Master of Science in Intelligent Technologies in Robotics. Researcher and developer in the field of control of cyber-physical systems and Industry 4.0 with several R&D projects experience.
Aleksander Svistov
Master of science in robotics and automation. My role is responsible for assisting the IT development team by effectively implementing continuous integration pipelines that build and deploy applications and software to development, testing, and production environments.

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